I've been on hiatus for a while now because i've been busy processing my visa going to Europe this year. And i'm just waiting for the result which will take at least 4 weeks or more depending on what kind of visa (according to the Belgium embassy and to some research i did) recently someone hacked me and had access on my personal account's.
I think i know the person behind it, but it's alright. Although my previous blog posts had been deleted and so are my twitter,YouTube and even my personal Facebook.

 so, I'm starting from scratch again (i don't mind tbh)
Anyway, without further drama. I'll be posting new blog posts reviews these coming days.

that's all for now and thank you for those who are still following this dead blog of mine haha..
I'll do my best to be active on blogging again.

Have a nice day/evening everyone!


  1. Hi Michelle! THAT'S TERRIBLE. WTH. You take it so calmly and graceful omg... if that happened to me, I'd hunt down that person and make them eat their tears. -__-;
    Waiting for your upcoming posts! D: Missed you and your posts, glad we're both back c:
    Junniku blog!

    1. Hello pretty June :)
      Lol tbh i was pissed! but i couldn't do much.. since the deed had already been done. And getting a revenge isn't gonna help but, rather it will just make things worse.

      aww thank you so much <3
      I missed reading your blog awsell, i've been on hiatus so yeah...
      Anyway welcome back to blogging and cheers!


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