Dry Lips: Krave Scruberry Lip Polisher Review

Last week i had received a parcel from Krave, which they had sent me 3 new products to try. And today i'm reviewing the "krave scruberry lip polisher".

First of all i adore krave so much because all their products are organic, which are made of fruits, veggies and minerals. They're promoting beauty in a healthy way, not just for people but for the mother earth aswell. Alot of beauty products nowadays in the market are chemically based which is harsh for your skin and worse can cause cancer.

All my life i've been struggling with dry lips and i've been using many different kinds of lip balms to fix that. I cannot go out without a lip balm in my bag/purse because of it. So i'm pretty excited when i saw that they had sent me this scruberry lip polisher. I tried it immediately and it works! my lip's are smooth and the peeling is gone.

How to use this product:

1. Apply a generous amount of it all over your lips.

2.Scrub it for 60 seconds.

3.Wipe it off with tissue (No need to rinse)

4.Apply your you favorite lip balm.

And that's how you can achieve a baby smooth, pinkish, kissable lips.

My swatch: 
(you can see that it made my lips instantly pinkish and smooth)


About the product:

Scruberry lip poslisher is made of natural ingredient's such as: strawberry, sugar, rosehips and shea butter. 

What i love about this product:
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Smoothens lips
  • Strawberry scent
  • Organic
  • Safe for pregnant/lactating women since it's all natural
  • Certified cruelty free
What i hate about this product:
  • NONE  
    Overall rate:

    I'm giving it a 9/10 
    Just because the packaging isn't so special.

    Do you recommend this product?

    Yes! absolutely. If you have dry and dull lips, then you should try this product. It works and price is affordable.

    199.00 Pesos (4.4 $)

    Where to buy:
     Visit Krave Beauty Webstore they ship nationwide and worldwide.

    Krave's Beauty Store

    For more information about krave and their products, you can add them on facebook.

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    1. wow it's organic and it works, i'll surely try it. thanks for this review


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